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Risk Management Consultation

DB3 Unlimited Services can be hired on both a project basis or on retainer. We also offer hourly consultations to help solve specific problems. Our team is ready to help both public and private industries with anything related to risk management including, but not limited to:
  • Assistance with go/no go decisions
  • Identification of underlying risks
  • Efficiency processes
  • Project management and vendor management

Small Business Consulting

Whether you’re starting your first small business or you’re a serial entrepreneur starting your fifth business, we can you get started on a solid foundation. In addition to identifying underlying risks in your processes and business plan our team can:
  • Review business insurance needs
  • Help create business policies and procedures
  • Assist with SWMBE certifications
  • Assist with contracting with governmental agencies

Performance Guarantees & Best Practices

When you’re depending on third party vendors to make your business work, you need to hold them accountable. This is especially true with manufacturing and distribution. We’re able to help you revise or draft new contracts that put you in a position to get the most out of your relationship with your vendors. This includes the creation and validation of performance metrics identified as contractual obligations.

Claims Auditing Service

Claims auditing leverages the expertise of DB3 Unlimited Services’ licensed claims professionals to perform an analysis based on your organization's needs. We’re able to assist in the following areas:
  • Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Liability determinations
  • Resolution of non-litigated claims
  • Oversight on litigated claims

Leadership & Staff Training

Leadership change in both private and public organizations is a guarantee. Whether it’s management, branding, or positioning implementing change from the to down can be a challenge without the right strategy. Not having a plan for change is a risk, especially when individuals with key knowledge leave. We help you develop a plan so you can easily transition new talent into critical roles when the time comes.
  • Organizational Change Strategies
  • Workshops for teams and organizations
  • Time management strategies

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DB3 Unlimited Services

We’re a trusted source for risk management solutions for small businesses, public entities, and nonprofit organizations. Our primary focus is to educate our clients with unbiased risk assessments that positively impact financial and strategic goals, ensuring sustainability and growth.

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